Photo Vault App Recovery via ES File Explorer File Manager

Actually most photo video locker applications fall in 2 types :
1) Hiding using Encryption
2) Hiding in dot folders (Example: .foldername)

For the first type, you have a very less chance of photo vault apps picture recovery unless you know a very good decrypted application or someone who is familiar with that method. For the second type just as the photo vault app, you might as well rely on an explorer that is capable of exposing the dot folders (hidden folders whose name begin with a dot.), such as ES File Explorer File Manager.

ES File Explorer File Manager is able to show hidden files. As it shows, you’ll see the hidden files and folders to check for the photos/videos in the application folder where it is installed. If not, search the photo and video formats by using willcard characters.

Steps to recover deleted photos from vault app:
  1. Install Es File Explorer File Manager and launch it.
  2. Navigate to settings and enable the option “show hidden files”. Now back to home directory search the folder “. My security”. Then open the folder and you’ll get many files named like “24ad4ca5”.
  3. Go to search option, select “advanced options”. Input the size 10kb-10mb which may be vary with size of video. Select “all files” and press search photos vault app.
  4. You’ll get the files with different extensions. Try to open them as image or video.
  5. Change the extensions of files into jpg/mp4 by using multirename tool.

Imagine that you have moved your precious photos in the Fake Calculator photo vault apps and you uninstall the app without getting those photos out of the vault. In this case, you’re able to recover the photos with ease by re-installing the Fake Calculator. But if you happen to not have apk file of the vault, then you’ll be in trouble. This post will walk you through it with solutions below, please read on and find the answer.

Now you have finally done. You can move the pictures/videos to custom folder. Another way is connecting the iOS phone to PC to search photos and videos on this device. Just enable hidden files through control panel> Folder options, then search with a wildcard character and file format.